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Staff meeting [July 19, 2014]

Jul 19 2014 04:31 PM | SirFlankAlot in Articles

This week's staff meeting will be held an hour earlier. (3 PM EST time) rather than 4 pm EST time.

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Operation: Give me suggestions for TTT

Jul 06 2014 09:09 PM | SirFlankAlot in Articles

The TTT server is nearing that point where suggestions for additions would help out make us have a unique sever. All ideas will be looked at. If you don't have an idea of what you would like to see on our server just suggest anything that comes to mind. It's time we start discussing. Have a nice day

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Operation Populate TTT

Jun 24 2014 03:02 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello Everyone,
As I have discussed with the SL's and CL about how to bring more players to JAC GMod we have decided to focus on one then spread out so since TTT is the easiest to populate thats what were going to start with so. As much as we can all if we could populate TTT that would be amazing. SirFlank has already been ready for the task and with the updates coming to TTT from Verex it should just continue to get better. So far there has been a few new weapons added including the RPK and M1911. So enjoy and lets get started on repopulating JAC GMod

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Jun 16 2014 11:10 PM | josua27176 in Articles

Good Evening JAC GMod,
So i do have some news to give on this coming staff meeting that will happen on the JAC Gaming Teamspeak ( ts.jacgaming.com ) not JAC GMod Teamspeak. I will be announcing the new CL. Aswell as a new strategy to get some more population to the JAC GMod Community. If you cannot attend i will see about writing up a report about the meeting please let me know in advanced about you not being there.
Thanks Everyone,

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JACGMod Menu V 2.0 RELEASED!!!!

May 16 2014 07:08 PM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC GMod,
I am happy to announce the V2 of the JAC GMod Menu has been released so go check it out in our servers it adds a new Map Vote system and a special jukebox. We also have a new VIP Rank that still needs some ideas to complete it so let us know what you think we should add for it.
ENJOY Everyone,

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JACGMod Menu V 2.0 Coming Soon [Exclusive Preview]

Apr 23 2014 12:07 PM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC GMod,
I'm here to tell you and show you some of the new things coming to the JAC GMod Menu in the new version. Here is some things that Verex has told me he has been planing on doing.
New/Changes to JAC GMod Menu:There is just some of the things I could think of that he told me I hope you all enjoy the new changes to the menu and let us know if you have any ideas that we should add to the Menu.
Thanks Everyone,

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A couple of new Models!

Apr 20 2014 01:24 AM | josua27176 in Articles

We added a few new models to the JAC Shop including Batman, Superman, Green Latern, Flash. There is more models to come and new stuff added to the shop.

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Community Meeting April 19th, 2014

Apr 19 2014 03:54 PM | Guest in Articles

JACGMod's 9th (I think) Meeting happens today at 5pm EST, there will be a Staff Meeting an hour earlier so administrators and above are encouraged to join. If you don't know what timezone you are in and want to convert it over, go here: http://wwp.greenwich...n-time/convert/

Players are encouraged to join into the Community Meeting to keep up with what has been happened in the last seven days, we hope to see you there!

Google Docs will be released at the beginning of the meeting which contains the agenda.

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Community meeting at 5PM!

Apr 05 2014 06:50 PM | Nexton in Articles


We decided during the last meeting to push the meeting forward by 2 hours so that others can have a chance to attend. This means that we will now have the community meeting at 5PM EST. (21:00 GMT) http://wwp.greenwich...n-time/convert/

AKA, right now. Join!

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Community Meeting 1/03/14

Mar 01 2014 03:51 PM | Nexton in Articles

It's time for our third JAC community meeting. For those that are unaware; we have a community meeting every saturday, starting 8:00 PM GMT. We also have a staff meeting one hour before that. (7:00 PM)
Time schedule:

Google docs will be released shortly after the meetings.

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